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Private Sale : 10% off all Equipment products and 20% off Clothing products !
Bloody mary
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  • Bloody mary
  • Bloody mary
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  • Bloody mary

    Extremely versatile 4 season sleeping bag - Unisex - Valandré

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    1 season: Very light and mainly synthetic, limited use.

    2 seasons: Lightweight, usable from mid-spring to mid-autumn in mild weather.

    3 seasons: Wide range of use, comfort temperature around 0°C. Discover its limits in the heart of winter.

    4 seasons: Designed for the harshest conditions, some will offer you total comfort at -30°C.


    Sarcophagus: Suitable for bivouac nights, effective thermal insulation, guarantees maximum airtightness, provides head protection.

    Rectangular: Suitable for camping nights and for "leisure" use.

    Temperature rating

    Comfort temperature: up to this temperature, the subject, in a relaxed position on his back, is generally "comfortable", i. e. he is in thermal balance and feels no cold.

    Lower limit temperature: the temperature at which the subject, curled up on himself in the sleeping bag, is at the edge of feeling cold. 

    Extreme temperature: temperature where the risk of hypothermia occurs





    Weight (g)




    Type of insulation


    Down: Lightweight, comfortable, very compact, offers exceptional insulating qualities except when it is wet.

    Synthetic: Heavier, less comfortable, less compact but not sensitive to moisture.


    Mountaineering, Trekking

    Extreme Temperature


    Lower limit temperature


    swelling capacity (cubic inch)


    Zip Side

    Left, Right



    Detailed description

    Valandré introduces a 4-season sleeping bag that outshines the performance of any other sleeping bag on the market: the Bloody Mary. With a tubular construction system, an interchangeable collar and French grey goose down, the Bloody Mary takes you through the seasons with surprising versatility.

    At the heart of Bloody Mary is an innovative system of interchangeable flanges. Three different levels of thermal protection reside in a zip system allowing the flange to be changed. Time to explain.

    When the temperature drops abruptly, install the heaviest collar (Marie-Antoinette style) and enjoy the total entrapment of heat inside the bag. At the same time, the half-moon hood offers you a perfect layer of insulation all the way to the forehead. All of this for the low weight of 1145g. Clever, isn't it? 

    When conditions improve with the appearance of good weather, detach the winter flange and install the spring half-flange. This collar's cut is designed to offer you a great comfort as well as medium ventilation. In addition, you save a few grams on the scale, for a total weight of 1073g.

    When summer reach its climax, you can still take your Bloody Mary and leave the half collar at home. With its double cursor side zip, your Bloody Mary has the option to be fully ventilated. For a total weight of 1040g.

    There you go! A real 4-season sleeping bag that can be modulated: Valandré takes flexibility to the extreme.

    Technical Details

    18 pre-cut compartments with 100% anatomical shape

    Tubular construction

    Collars removable with zip:
    - Marie Antoinette
    - Half-moon Marie Antoinette
    - Collarless

    Trapezoidal-shaped foot area

    Down inner pad with reinforcement and anti-cold outer flap along the zip

    Asahi Kasei : Ext. Impact 66 Polyamide Rip-Stop WR / Int. Polyamide Rip-Stop WR

    Grey goose 800+cuin (EU norms)

    Total weight:

    Down weight:
    620 g.

    159/141/99 cm.

    Packed volume:
    7 litres

    Internal/External size of the bag:
    S: 170 cm / 200 cm
    M: 185 cm / 215 cm
    L: 200 cm / 230 cm

    EN 13537 testings:
    Comfort temperature: - 5.4°C
    Lower limit temperature: - 12.2°C
    Extreme temperature: - 32.2°C

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