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Private Sale : 10% off all Equipment products and 20% off Clothing products !

Private Sale : 10% off all Equipment products and 20% off Clothing products !
G-Squad HR GBD-H1000-7A9ER
  • G-Squad HR GBD-H1000-7A9ER
  • G-Squad HR GBD-H1000-7A9ER
  • G-Squad HR GBD-H1000-7A9ER
  • G-Squad HR GBD-H1000-7A9ER
  • G-Squad HR GBD-H1000-7A9ER
  • G-Squad HR GBD-H1000-7A9ER
  • G-Squad HR GBD-H1000-7A9ER
  • G-Squad HR GBD-H1000-7A9ER
  • G-Squad HR GBD-H1000-7A9ER

    Watch - Unisex - G-Squad HR GBD-H1000 - Casio


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    Detailed description

    The G-Squad HR is the first watch from G-Shock equipped with a heart rate sensor, GPS and solar assistance.

    The G-Squad HR is aimed at those who want a robust watch with a heart-rate monitor on the wrist and GPS to cope with even the most extreme situations.

    Like all G-Shock models, this new model meets the most stringent requirements in terms of sustainability. The shock-resistant structure protects the watch. The housing is designed to withstand direct impact on glass and knobs. The back of the stainless steel case is curved and combined with resin reinforcements for more comfort and softness on the wrist.

    This means that you can use the G-Squad HR to have a watch with 5 sensors : accelerometercompass/altimeterbarometertemperature and finally the must-have: HRM on the wristFor this purpose, an optical sensor present on the back of the watch measures the heart rate, by means of an LED that follows the blood flow. The optical sensor measures the reflective light, which enables the heart rate to be determined via an algorithm. 

    The G-Squad HR is equipped with a  GPS receiver working with positioning systems GPSGlonass and Michibiki. You will thus have access to various information in real time: distance coveredspeedpace and record your route via the application but you will not be able to use it to navigate.

    The G-Squad HR can be charged in two ways: via USB but also via solar assisted charging. The time mode including the outdoor sensors, number of steps and smartphone notifications is fully powered by the solar charge, offering more than 12 months of use. GPS mode requires recharging via USB but solar charging extends the life of this mode depending on the outdoor light! Convenient when you don't have an outlet nearby, but sunlight to charge your watch!

    The G-Shock Move application as well as the watch will allow you to track your performance with the trails of your activities as well as training data. You can monitor your state of fitness via VO² Max, your training load, your recovery time but also plan training sessions according to your objectives. The application also allows data to be exported to external applications such as Strava or Google Fit..

    In short, if you want a connected, robust watch, whether for everyday use or for your daily training, the G-Squad HR is made for you!

    Technical Details

    - Bluetooth® Smart: the watch is equipped with energy-efficient Bluetooth® technology that allows data exchange at the touch of a button. The Bluetooth® function allows wireless connection to a smartphone, thus giving you a multitude of different functions.

    - Smartphone Time

    - Precise time indication with GPS: Through the GPS receiver, the watch shows you a precise time, updated by GPS, at any time and wherever you are.

    - Full Auto Led Illumination: When the wrist is moved in dimly lit areas, a diode automatically illuminates the dial.

    Shock resistance: the shock-resistant structure protects the watch against impacts and vibrations.

    - Solar operation: Solar cells provide an autonomous and environmentally friendly energy supply. Surplus solar energy is stored in an accumulator

    - Calculation of calories burned (CAL): This function calculates the calories burned and saves the result.

    - Heart Rate Target Alarm:will only sound an alarm when a preset heart rate range has been reached.

    - Optical heart rate measurement:An optical sensor on the back of the watch uses light-emitting diodes to measure the heart rate on the wrist. The determined values are displayed on the clock.

    - Accelerometer: The accelerometer reacts to accelerations and displays the speed on the screen. It is also essential for the watch's autorotation function, ensuring that the display always shows the image in the correct direction.

    - Step counter: shows the number of steps taken.

    - GPS measurement of speed and distance: receiving location data from the GPS satellite, measures distance travelled, speed, pace etc. Once you receive the GPS signal, it accurately measures every second or minute (reduces power consumption). Easily switch between these modes according to your different activities. For a long walk, for example, less precision is required compared to a run. Depending on the selected measurement mode, you can extend the battery life. In addition to GPS, the watch acquires data from the GLONASS and Michibiki satellite systems. You can record your route but not use it to navigate.

    - Application compatible: G-Shock Move, Strava, Google Fit.

    - Compass: An integrated direction detector finds magnetic North.

    - Barometer (260 /1.100 hPa) : Special sensor measures the atmospheric pressure (measuring range: 260/1100 hPa) and displays it on the face as a symbol. This allows you to see the weather forecast.

    - Thermometer (-10°C / +60°C): A sensor measures the ambient temperature and displays it in degrees Celsius (-10°C /+60°C).

    - Altimeter (10,000m) : A pressure sensor detects changes in atmospheric pressure and converts the result into an altitude, up to 10,000 m.

    - Training Planner: Plan your training and objectives.

    - Vo2max - Recovery: allows to monitor recovery times between trainings.

    - Training analysis: analysis of training, fitness level, training load and recovery time.

    - Training logbook: record your sessions with detailed information.

    - World time function: The world time function displays the time in 29 time zones and major cities around the world.

    - Stopwatch - 100 hours: timing to the second: elapsed time, split time and final time. Buzzer sounds confirm start and stop. The timing is up to 100 Hours.

    - 100 laps memory: This memory allows you to record times, lap times and split times dated for future reference. A data block consists of the following information: date, timing, lap time and split times. The memory can store 100 such data blocks.

    5 countdowns with repetition - 1/1 Sec. - 60 Min

    - 4 daily alarms: will remind you daily at the set time. This model has four independent alarms to flexibly remind you of important appointments

    - Snooze function: Each time you stop the alarm, it will go off again a few minutes later.

    - Vibrating Alarm:Vibrating alarm discreetly reminds you of important appointments without any loud signals.

    - Button operation tone on/off: The operation tone can be deactivated with the mode key. After deactivation, there is no more beep when switching from one function to another. The programmed alarms or countdowns, however, remain active after the beep of the buttons

    - Find my phone function: Have you lost your smartphone? Simply press one of the buttons on the watch and your smartphone will sound an alarm.

    - Aeroplane mode (offline mode): You can put your watch in offline mode at the touch of a button. This allows you to deactivate the radio or GPS receiver in your watch when flying, for example.

    Smartphone notifications: The watch receives notifications from applications on your smartphone, such as calendar mail, WhatApp, Facebook, etc

    - Automatic calendar: Once programmed, the automatic calendar always displays the correct date.

    - 12/24 hour time format: You can display the time in 12 hour or 24 hour format.

    - Mineral glass: the hard, scratch-resistant mineral glass protects the watch from unsightly damage.

    - Carbon fibre reinforced resin case: thanks to its extreme durability, resin is an ideal material for watches. In combination with the particularly robust carbon, it results in a particularly long-lasting case that is even more resistant to external shocks.

    Urethane wristband: Thanks to its extreme durability and flexibility, synthetic resin is an ideal material for wristbands

    - Buckles.

    - Battery level indicator: a symbol indicates when a battery change is required.

    - Water-resistance class (20 bars): perfect for swimming and diving without equipment: the watch is water-resistant to 20 bars (ISO 22810).

    - Charging via USB: Charging option via clip and USB charging cable.

    - Dimensions (H x W x D) :  63mm x 55mm x 20.4mm

    -Weight: 101 g

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