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Ice screws

Choosing the right ice screws

Discover a range of different types of ice screws on the Snowleader website.


Snowleader stocks the easiest and quickest ice screws to place. Featuring a tapered tube at the tip, these ice screws allow you to cut a hole slightly wider than the tube itself and therefore reduce friction during placement.


You will also find short and compact ice screws. When...

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unfolded, the crank handle ensures easy and smooth placement, and can also be adjusted according to the shape and unevenness in the ice.

Easy to use ice screws

No more searching for a place wide enough to rotate the hanger, you will be able to place the ice screw securely even in a small space.


Snowleader has also selected an ultra-lightweight ice screw, which is ideal for mountaineering thanks to its aluminium tube. The optimal shape of the steel teeth makes for easier starting. The built-in folding crank handle adds leverage for easier and faster placement.

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