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Walking Socks

What makes a good pair of walking socks? Snowleader tells you everything there is to know about walking boots - an essential accessory for hiking.

Hiking socks adapted to use in the mountains

It is not just a good pair of walking boots which is essential for hiking, there are also other accessories designed to promote well-being after several hours on your feet. Walking and trekking socks...

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are easy to put on and remain perfectly in place for long-lasting comfort. Their well-designed shape gently envelops the foot. Their resistance to wear and tear and ease of maintenance are a plus when spending several days or even weeks in the mountains. The fibres are sometimes elasticated to improve cushioning upon impact.

Socks designed to reduce the effects of perspiration

Summer hiking socks help regulate the temperature inside the shoe and therefore naturally limit perspiration and moisture. Reinforced areas provide maximum protection of the most sensitive parts of the foot. Walking socks also reduce the risk of fungal growth, irritation and blisters. The foot is less prone to cramp and overheating. In addition, they also help minimise unpleasant odours. The knit, if combined with a good quality of material, can also be used to provide ventilation, allowing the skin to breathe.

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