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Base layers/thermals

Comfortable base layers

Base layers are ideal for all outdoor activities in both summer and winter, including alpine skiing, ski touring, Nordic skiing, hiking and mountaineering.
A base layer will keep you warm in very cold weather and keep you cool in very hot weather. It acts as a second skin, regulating body temperature and wicking away sweat from the back, lower back, armpits and chest. It...

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also offers an optimal fit, freedom of movement and a long lifespan.

Running tights

Stretchy running tights are close-fitting and use sweat to effectively cool the body down and improve performance. At the same time, compression reduces muscle vibrations and protects the muscles and joints. This type of base layer is ideal for runners, optimises the sequence of movements and promotes blood circulation. This means more oxygenated blood is delivered to the muscles to ensure they stay strong.

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