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If you choose which outdoor clothing is suitable for your favourite activities before you go mountaineering, hiking, skiing or trekking, it means you can improve your performance and maintain a good level of comfort. No matter how often you pursue your passion, our product ranges have been developed to suit every level of experience in order for you to complete your outfit and equipment....


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Beanies, down jackets, trousers, waterproof jackets, pullovers and T-shirts... Every item of clothing has its own features and purpose!

Comfortable and efficient hiking socks

Socks are no exception to the rule and are also subject to careful development. They are specially designed to improve the wicking away of perspiration during physical exertion and benefit from the latest technological advances in the field of textiles. Polyester, Lycra, nylon, wool... All these materials come into play so that the socks are as tough as they are stretchy. In this way, they guarantee your ease of movement and optimum, intense use over the long term.

Outdoor clothing developed with the utmost care

Outdoor sports socks are available in double thickness, thin or normal knit, and with reinforcement at the toe. They are designed to stay in place so they won’t slip round your ankles and bother you. In addition to their ability to keep your body heat in, they also come in a vast array of different looks. These range from different colours to a variety of weaves and brands, and there are long and short types depending on your preference. Hiking, ski or trekking socks are as comfortable as they are practical for your outdoor activities.

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