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MTB Helmets

Whether you are going for a ride on your bike or heading out on a downhill mountain biking session, wearing a MTB helmet is a no-brainer. Indeed, wearing a helmet can help protect you from injury and even save your life. That's why it's important to choose it carefully. It's no secret that mountain biking is dangerous sport, so it's best to protect yourself in order to reduce the risk of...

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Why wear a MTB helmet?

A practical MTB helmet combines two factors: protection and ventilation. Secondly, depending on the model and what you are going to use it for, the weight can also be an important factor. The shape can also have an influence on the comfort of the helmet.

How to choose your MTB helmet

An ergonomic helmet that is adapted to the shape of your head and to the mountain bike you are riding will not get in the way of your riding. On the other hand, a helmet which is uncomfortable or partially obstructs your vision can very quickly become a problem. In this section, you will find Snowleader's wide selection of MTB helmets, so you can choose a mountain bike helmet that suits your needs and your riding style.

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