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One Piece

Baselayer suits from Snowleader

Keep your whole body dry and comfortable with our selection of thermal one piece suits from the best brand out there - Norrona.

Benefits of thermals

The base layer first and foremost regulates your temperature. A layer of tiny fibres lies close to the skin, trapping essential body heat, regulating air flow and wicking away sweat, to keep you from getting cold,...

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too hot, or wet.

Thermals are usually synthetic, cotton or merino.

Synthetic base layers dry quickly and are lightweight. Each brand takes a different spin on the synthetic base layer - have a look at our selection from X-BionicCraftPicture Organic Clothing and many more.

Merino wool is naturally breathable, regulates body temperature and has antibacterial and anti UV propreties. It is also exceptionally soft and is perfect for both extremely high and low temperatures. Have a look at Icebreaker base layers on Snowleader.

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