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Snowboard Bags

Snowleader, your online boardshop, has selected loads of snowboard bags for you from amongst the leading brands: Burton, Evoc, Douchebag Black, Amplid, and others. A snowboard bag is essential for protecting and transporting your gear but choosing one is not always easy. Snowleader gives you a few tips to help you find the model which suits you best.

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choose? It’s really important to choose a snowboard bag to keep your gear and snowboard accessories safe and sound. That’s why it’s generally best to go for a padded design. Padding is ideal to cushion against potential knocks and bumps. To make it easy to transport your board around, go for a bag with wheels. Given the choice, it’s also best to opt for a bag with compartments in which you can pack your accessories (wax, boots, helmet, etc.) separately from your board. Bear in mind too that there are bags which can hold several snowboards. This is handy when you’re going on holiday with your family. What’s the final key consideration? This’ll be design! For an everyday look, go for a classic black bag. People who want some originality can go for patterned or multi-coloured snowboard bags.

Snowleader: your online accessory and boardshop

Burton, Douchebag Black, Rossignol, Amplid... selected for you by Snowleader, all these brands offer premium quality bags. Ranging from the classic to distinctive, with or without wheels, with or without padding, bi-coloured or patterned, you’re really spoilt for choice at your online snowboard and accessory shop.  

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