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Terms and conditions

Nos conditions générales de vente


These terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as the “T&C”) are entered into by : (i) on the one hand, any individual or legal entity wishing to make a purchase on Snowleader's website (hereinafter referred to as the “Buyer”), and (ii) on the other hand, the company Snowleader SAS, with share capital of €746,670 and headquarters located 4 allée du Parmelan 74370 Epagny Metz-Tessy – France, registered on the Annecy company registry under SIREN No.507 679 025 00043, identified under Community VAT No. FR26 507 679 025, and which is available by phone (+44 03 3336 6812), fax and email (contact form) (hereinafter referred to as the “Snowleader”). Snowleader specializes in retail of sporting goods within dedicated structures, identified under NAF code No.4764Z. This website's editor in chief is Mr. Thomas Rouault, manager of the Hohneck Company, which in turn is President of Snowleader.

Hosting company:
Smile Hosting
48, rue de Villiers 92300 Levallois-Perret
Share capital: €681,848.75
Phone No. +33 1 41 40 11 00 (0,15€/min plus your telephone service provider’s fee for EU calls)

Purpose and scope

These terms and conditions (T&C) aim at establishing the conditions of sale between Snowleader and the Buyer. These T&C apply to any and all purchases offered on Snowleader's website, whether the actual order was made by phone, fax, regular mail, email or by accessing to and all related micro-sites. For any purchase outside of  or on Snowleader’s other websites, please refer to each website’s relevant T&C. All websites owned by Snowleader, including but not limited to,,,,,,,,, ,,, , ,, or, are hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Website”.

Any order on the Website requires the Buyer to read these T&C, before said order can be confirmed, and to accept them entirely. Carrying on with the purchase by issuing a confirmation order entails accepting the T&C.

The applicable version of these T&C is the one implemented at the Buyer's order date. Snowleader otherwise reserves its rights to change the T&C at any time and without further notice, said changes entering into full force and effect for all purchases made after they have been implemented. Any and all changes to the T&C shall be submitted to the Buyer 's agreement prior to any new purchase.

Snowleader services

2-1 Territorial Scope of Services

The products offered to sale online on the Website are delivered within most countries. The territorial scope of each sale may vary according distribution agreements entered into between Snowleader and each list supplier, as well as according delivery options. Snowleader may use country filters on the Website in order to prevent orders from countries excluded from the territorial scope. Within Europe, are notably excluded all destinations requiring custom duties, such as Basingen territory, Helgoland island, Jersey, Guernesey, Man Island, the Campione d'Italia and Livigno territories, the Canaries Islands, Ceuta and Melilla territories, Féroé Islands, Groënland, Aland, Athos Mount and the Northern part of Cyprus.

2-2 Stock and availability

The products offered to sale online on the Website are made available under average availability and delivery time periods, which are indicated beforehand for information purposes only. This information will be updated on a regular basis. Any product bearing the mention “in stock” means Snowleader has this product in its own stock. The actual availability of a product may change at any time depending on the sales on the Website or on the supplier's stock of products (some products are supplied on a just-in-time delivery basis). Any product bearing the mention “available within x days” means that Snowleader is usually expecting its supplier to provide the product to Snowleader within that number of business days, notwithstanding the supplier's actual availability. From times to times, some mistakes or changes may occasionally occur. Any product bearing the mention “available on XX/XX/XXXX” means that Snowleader expects to receive the product at its warehouses at this date. This date is not the date of delivery of the product to the Buyer at its shipping address. Snowleader waives and declines all liabilities should the average availability or delivery time periods of any or all products is modified later on. Should the product be unavailable at the date and time of its purchase, Snowleader undertakes to contact the Buyer as soon as reasonably possible, by phone or email. The Buyer may choose to carry on with his/her purchase with the missing product (when an order includes several products) or to cancel it. Snowleader will reimburse the Buyer on the bank account used for the purchased, within a maximum fourteen-day (14-day) time period from the Buyer's purchase.

2-3 Products specifications

The products offered to sale online are described and presented in the most accurate way reasonably possible. However, Snowleader declines any and all responsibility should such presentation includes some mistakes or omissions. All photographs and supporting documentation are merely informative and non-binding.

2-4 Price

The prices of our products are indicated in euros, all French taxes included, and are firm and fixed on the's website. 

Said prices do not include shipping and other delivery and processing costs, which will be additionally invoiced and indicated before the Buyer confirm his/her purchase. Snowleader reserves its right to change its prices at any time without further notice. The products will be invoiced to the Buyer as they stand registered at the date and time of the confirmation of the order. We are regularly carrying out maintenance operations on our Website, which may lead to display errors of the prices. Should it be the case, the order shall not be executed and we will contact the Buyer to cancel the purchase as soon as reasonably possible. The products remain Snowleader's property until full payment.

2-5 Export orders and customs duties

Any order sent outside of the European Union and of the DOM-TOM will be automatically invoiced all taxes excluded. All import formalities, customs duties and tariffs relating to the delivery of the product(s) outside of the European Union and of the DOM-TOM are incurred by the Buyer under its sole and exclusive liability. They must be executed before the relevant authorities or governmental entities from the country of destination. The Buyer is sole liable to check if the products he/she buys may be imported pursuant to the country of delivery’s laws and regulations. Snowleader waives and declines all liability and obligations to check and/or notify the Buyer about relevant customs duties and tariffs. Snowleader advises the Buyer to ask its country's relevant authorities for more information. Please note that by purchasing on the Website, you are deemed to be the official importer and therefore bound to comply with all laws and regulations from the country in which you are receiving the products. Cross-border deliveries may be opened and subject to inspection by the customs authorities.

Purchasing process and orders

3-1 Requirements prior to any purchase

The Buyer must be legally entitled to carry on the purchase, or enjoy parental leave to do so on the Website.The Buyer shall provide accurate and complete information.

3-2 Purchasing process

Choice of articles and add to cart – Validation of the shopping carts content – Identification on the Website to check whether the Buyer is already identified or not – Choice of the delivery option – Choice of the payment means and consent to the T&Cs – Validation of payment. The Buyer may order its online purchase on the Website. Data provided by the Buyer and registered by Snowleader during the purchase constitute admissible evidence of the transactions made between Snowleader and the Buyer. The last validation after filling in the purchase order is deemed to be the confirmation of the purchase by the Buyer, and creates an obligation to pay the purchase. This last validation is admissible evidence of the Buyer's undertakings to enter into the purchasing process and to confirm definitively its order. This last validation entails unredeemable consent to these T&Cs: the Buyer must acknowledge and agree he/she has read, understood and agreed to the T&C. The parties are deemed to have effectively entered into a purchase agreement in English from the moment Snowleader sends a confirmation email with the registered details of the purchase. After the order has been registered, a detailed invoice, which may be printed at the Buyer's discretion, will be available on the Website in the “my account” tab. Snowleader reserves the right to refuse to deliver or to execute a purchase agreement in any case the Buyer has not partially or totally paid a prior order, or should a payment dispute subside between the parties.

3-3 Order processing

Any order made before 2 pm (express delivery) or noon (standard delivery) from Monday to Friday (public holidays excluded) will be prepared and sent the same day, should all purchased products be in stock and provided the payment is confirmed. Snowleader do not ensure delivery on Saturday for any and all orders made after 2 pm (express delivery) or noon (standard delivery) on Thursday and sent by our carrier DHL. Any and all order made during the weekend will be processed starting from the first following business day. Any and all delivery time periods shall only start from the moment the packages have left our warehouse's premises. Our logistics department will only be open during week business days.


Snowleader accepts different means of payment. Purchases may be paid in Swiss francs on the website and in British pounds on the For all other websites (, and, purchases must be paid in euros. In certain countries, we only offer payment through Paypal. The full price must be paid immediately after the purchase by the Buyer, who undertakes to pay the indicated price for the purchased article(s), including the price of the articles, the shipping costs and all other order-processing costs. As a measure to prevent internet fraud, Snowleader reserves its right to request a copy of your ID card and a proof of residency for any payment.

4 -1 Payment by card

Only the following cards are accepted as means of payment: CB, Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard, American Express. The card is debited upon validation of the purchase. The Buyer represents and warrants the Buyer that it has all requested authorizations to use card as the means of payment when ordering. Snowleader uses its best reasonable endeavours to ensure the security and the confidentiality of the data processed on the Website (including during the online payment). To this end, the Website uses SSL-encrypted (Secure Socket Layer) distance payment services where your date is never transferred in the network in plain text. Moreover, the transaction is made through the e-transaction banking platform of the CIC, which alone has access to the confidential data (card number, validity date) provided by the Buyer upon payment. In order to optimize card transactions as much as possible, the Website uses the 3DS system, which is software created by Visa and Mastercard. Upon providing it your bank information, this software will open a pop up tab where you will be requested to type down your 3D secure code. This code will allow you to identify yourself and to authenticate that the payment is really made by the actual cardholder. Thus, even if your banking details were stolen or obtained in any way whatsoever, they could not be used without knowing your personal authentication code.

4-3 Payment by Paypal

Paypal is a payment service provider specialized in issuing electronic money between the Buyer and a third party. Paypal warrants the confidentiality of the Buyer’s banking details. For instance, the Buyer’s banking details are never transmitted to Snowleader. Paypal encrypts and protects the card number. The Buyer pays online by giving its email and password.

4-4 Payment by bank transfer

When you opt for a bank transfer as means of payment, our bank transfer information will be displayed. The payment must absolutely be made in British pounds. We will wait to receive your payment before preparing and sending you your purchase. The ordered products are reserved from the moment we receive your payment. Should you proceed to a payment by check, money order or bank transfer, the shipping time periods will only start running from the effective moment we receive your payment. We ask you to include in your payment your order number.

Pay for your order in 3 or 4 instalments by card between €100 up to €4500 with Oney Bank

Our partner Oney Bank offers you a financing solution called 3x 4x Oney, letting you pay for your orders between €100 to €4500 in 3 or 4 instalments with your bank card.

Conditions : This offer is reserved for individuals (over 18 years of age) residing in France and holding a Visa or MasterCard bank card with an expiry date greater than the duration of the chosen financing. Cards with systematic authorisation such as Electron, Maestro, Nickel, etc., as well as e-cards, Indigo and American Express cards are not accepted.

How to subscribe : When completing your order, simply click on the "3x 4x Oney payment by card" button. You will then be redirected to our partner's 3x 4x Oney web page, where you will find a detailed summary of your order and a personalised financing request, which you must then validate. You will then enter your personal details or, if you already have a 3x 4x Oney account, you can login to access your saved details. You need to read the general terms and conditions of payment in instalments to which you wish to subscribe, which are provided to you in PDF format so that you can read, print and save them before accepting. You must then confirm your acceptance by ticking the relevant box. You accept that the "double click" when accepting the general conditions signifies your consent to contract and represents an irrevocable and unreserved acceptance of the general conditions of the product. In the absence of proof to the contrary, the data recorded by Oney Bank constitutes proof of all transactions between you and Oney Bank. If you apply for a financing solution offered by Oney Bank, the information relating to your order will be transmitted to Oney Bank, who will use it to assess your application for the purposes of granting, managing and collecting credit. Oney Bank reserves the right to accept or refuse your request for 3x 4x Oney financing. You have a 14-day cooling-off period to cancel your loan.

How it works: the process to pay by credit card in 3 or 4 instalments on our website works as follows:
- a compulsory deposit, debited on the day of confirmation of the dispatch of your order, corresponding to one third or one quarter of the total order, to which certain charges are added: 1.45% of the total amount of the order for a 3-instalment payment (up to a maximum of €15) and 2.2% for a 4-instalment payment (up to a maximum of €30)
- two or three monthly payments, each equalling a third or a quarter of the order, debited 30 and 60 days later for the 3 instalment option and 30, 60 and 90 days later for the 4 instalment option.

•Example of a 3 instalment payment for a purchase of €100 up to €4500: if your purchase equals €150, you will pay a deposit of €52.18 then 2 monthly payments of €50. Credit for a period of 2 months is charged at a fixed APR of 19.26%. Financing costs: €2.18 up to a maximum of €15.

•Example of a 4 instalment payment for a purchase of €100 up to €4500: if your purchase equals €400, you will pay a deposit of €108.80 then 3 monthly payments of €100. Credit over 3 months is charged at a fixed APR of 19.31%. Financing costs: €8.80 up to a maximum of €30.

Special conditions for one-off promotional offers: For payments in 3 instalments without charge: the cost of financing is 0% of the total order amount. Example for a €150 purchase, you pay a €50 deposit, then 2 monthly payments of €50. Credit for a 2-month loan is charged at a fixed APR of 0%. Cost of financing: €0. For payments in 4 instalments without charge: the cost of financing is 0% of the total order amount. Example for a €400 purchase, you pay a €100 deposit, followed by 3 monthly payments of €100. Credit for a 3-month loan is charged at a fixed APR of 0%. Cost of financing: €0

Oney Bank - SA with a capital of 51 286 585€ - Registered office: 34 avenue de Flandre 59170 CROIX - RCS Lille Métropole 546 380 197 - n° Orias: 07 023 261 - - Contact: CS 60006 - 59 895 Lille Cedex 9 -


The products are delivered to the shipping address mentioned during the purchasing process for all destinations listed in article 3 here above. Snowleader waives all liabilities should a mistake in the wording of the shipping address make the delivery impossible. In this case, the new delivery costs will be due by and invoiced to the Buyer at their real amount. Snowleader undertakes to deliver the ordered products as fast as possible depending on the selected means of delivery and on the articles’ availability. Delivery time periods indicated on the Website are the usual averages and include the total delivery time period for processing and delivery. When you order several products at the same time, and that their delivery time periods are different, the actual delivery time period may be the longest delivery time period, as the order is processed as a whole only when all products included in it are in Snowleader’s stocks. Delivery is deemed successful upon handing it over to the Buyer. The delivery note filled in by the carrier, dated and signed by the Buyer upon delivery of the order, constitutes proof for all maters regarding transportation and delivery. Please note that the parcels amounting to less than 100 euros , which are delivery by Coliposte, are delivered without signature. 

5 -1 Verification of the parcel's condition upon delivery

Snowleader recommends that the Buyer check, upon delivery and in front of the carrier, the content, the compliance and the condition of the parcel(s). Should the Buyer have any doubt of any kind, whether on the condition or on the content of its parcel, the Buyer must: - Check the condition of the delivered goods and issue written detailed, dated and signed observations, with additional signature of the carrier next to it; and - Exercise any claim against the carrier by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, within three (3) business days from the receipt, with copy sent to Snowleader. Once this time period has expired, the product will be deemed received by the Buyer as sound, and the Buyer will not be able to claim any delivery mistake or obvious defect. Once the Buyer or any person entitled to receive the parcel has signed the delivery note, it is presumed that the delivered parcel has been checked and shall not be subject to any claims anymore. Snowleader shall not be deemed liable in any case.

5-2 Delivery delays

Should any delivery be delayed, or should the carriers have lost parcels, the Buyer must notify Snowleader by email or by phone within the ten (10) days following he/she received the email confirmation of the purchase. We will help you to take the necessary steps with the carriers. Please note that should any issue occur during a Coliposte delivery, investigation may take a long time and last up to one month.

5-3 Delivery in your absence

Should the recipient be absent upon delivery, the carrier will leave a non-delivery notice at the shipping address indicated by the Buyer. The purchase will have to be collected at the address and according to the procedures indicated by the carrier. Should the purchase not be collected within the time periods set by the carrier, it will be returned to Snowleader, which reserves its right to request reimbursement of the delivery price, and the Buyer will incur the new delivery costs.

Click & collect

The products ordered on the Website may be collected from our  Snowleader shop 15 rue du president Favre 74 000 Annecy. This pick-up procedure may be selected on the webpage dedicated to the means of delivery in the purchasing process. An email is sent to notify the Buyer that the order is ready to be collected. It may take some time depending on products availability. To collect your product, you will be asked to provide your order number and some identity card.

If the Buyer is unable to come and pick up his/her order himself/herself, the person supposed to collect the parcel on its behalf will be asked to provide the Buyer’s identity card (original or copy).

Right of withdrawal

7-1 Conditions to exercise the right of withdrawal

Snowleader has introduced a new returns and return costs policy based on your customer status and the country your order is delivered to. For details, please visit our Benefits and loyalty page

The right of withdrawal is rightfully exercised when fully complying with the following conditions:

- Time period

The Buyer enjoys a thirty(30)-day time period from the actual delivery of the products to notify its withdrawal request, and has not to give any reasons. After you have reached our customer services and exercised your decision to cancel by a clear statement, you enjoy a fourteen(14)-day time to return us the goods in their initial condition. All indicated time periods run in calendar days.

- Condition of the product

The product must categorically be returned new in its trademark’s original undamaged packaging, along with all potential accessories, instruction manual and documentation provided during purchase. Please note that the delivered products must not have been used more than what is necessary to check their nature, their characteristics and their proper functioning. If you have tested them, we ask you to clean all signs of use. Otherwise, we will have to invoice you a fixed amount of 20 euros. Tech products such as cameras, GPS, headphones, watches, walkie-talkie, may be handled by the consumer under its own responsibility should it result in any product damage due to any handling other than what is necessary to check the nature, specifications and good use of the purchased product. Any return of this type of product unsealed will be subject to thorough inspection. A fixed amount of 20 euros will be invoiced to the Buyer for the repacking and resetting of the product. If you use the initial packaging as the shipping box for your return, we will have to invoice you a fixed amount of 20 euros. No return will be accepted if the returned products have clearly been used or damaged by the Buyer and if that use or this damage make the products unfit to be sold again.

- Exceptions

Do mind that the following products cannot be returned nor exchanged:

- Custom-made products or products clearly personalised or made according to the specifications requested by the Buyer: drilled and mounted skis, sealskins cut to fit the Buyer’s equipment, the heat moulded footwear…

- Perishable and/or unsealed after delivery products such as food supplies, sun products and maintenance products, for hygiene and health protection purposes, as they are liable to deteriorate and expire rapidly.

- The return of products may be refused on certain underwear such as boxers

In addition, regarding personal safety equipment (helmets, climbing harnesses, carabiners, etc.), our team pays particular attention to the conditions of the returned products. The product must not have been worn, and the labels, protective films and packaging must not have been removed, otherwise the return may not be accepted.

7-2 Return procedure

The Purchaser must log into their customer account, go to the My Orders section and select the order involved in the return request. If the order complies with the time limits within which an order can be returned (see 7-1 Conditions for exercising the right of withdrawal), a Return a product button will appear and allows the customer to access our returns management module to submit their request. By clicking on Return a product, the customer accesses a page displaying all the products in the order. The customer must tick the items they wish to return and indicate the quantity, condition of the product(s) being returned and the reason for the return. A second stage allows the customer to enter the preferred refund method. After their return request has been validated, the customer automatically receives return request confirmation email, via which they can download the return form to include within their return parcel. Please also include the packing slip you received with your order.

The return label is issued if the country of delivery of the order is one of the following: Metropolitan France, Germany, Austria, Belgium (note that ski and snowboard returns are not accepted from Belgium), Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, United Kingdom.

In any case, the customer can make a return request online, regardless of the country of delivery of his order, if the following condition is met:
- The return request must be made online up to 30 days after the delivery date for general customers and 100 days for customers who are members of our Snowleader Mountain Club loyalty program.

If the customer does not wish to make his return request via the automated returns management module accessible in their customer account or if they are unable to do so, they must contact customer service in order to make a return request within thirty (30) clear days after receiving their order. After contacting customer service, the customer then has a period of fourteen (14) clear days to return the product(s) to us in its/their original condition. Time limits are expressed in calendar days.

If your order is eligible for a returns label, you will be able to download it from the return request confirmation email. This returns label can also be downloaded from your customer account, with the return details you have just entered. It must be glued directly onto your return parcel so you can return your product(s) to our warehouse free of charge.

Returns from French Overseas Departments and Territories (DOM-TOM) and other foreign countries not included in the above list are to be paid for by the Purchaser. These costs are estimated to be a maximum amount of 1000€ for French Overseas Departments and Territories. The maximum costs for returning product(s) from countries outside of French Overseas Departments and Territories and metropolitan France is indicated on the dedicated domain names (CH, BE, UK, DE, AT) or on our international website.

Customers who have received the pre-paid "Colissimo" returns label can drop off their parcel at a post office or pick-up point. So Colissimo pick-up points are located in 6,000 local shops, with extended hours throughout metropolitan France. The item is your responsibility until received by the returns warehouse. Therefore, all risks linked to the return of a product(s) (damage, theft, breakage), will be at your expense. Snowleader cannot be held responsible for the customs fees payable when returning and reshipping your parcel. Products returned with postage due will be refused. Upon receipt of your return parcel, we will check the product(s) to make sure they comply with our returns policy. No returns will be accepted if the returned products have been visibly used or damaged by the Purchaser and such use or damage makes the products unfit for sale. If the products you return cannot be accepted, we will contact you so that we can send them back to you. Please note that this will be done at your own expense.

You may download the return form, in PDF format, by clicking on this icon: : 

7-3 Return processing

Provided that the returned products are accepted, we will offer :

- Reimbursement

Snowleader will reimburse the Buyer as soon as possible, and to the latest within fourteen (14) days from the delivery date of the returned products to our warehouse. Reimbursement will be sent to the shipping address indicated during the purchase processing by the Buyer and by the same means of payment used to pay the order. Please note that, pursuant to article L.121214 of law no.2014344, Snowleader has no obligation to reimburse the extra costs due to express delivery. Snowleader will reimburse the shipping costs incurred by the customer for the return of his order, if the order is fully returned on the basis of the cheapest Colissimo Standard return. Please note that in order to use your right of withdrawal, we will ask you to also return to us any articles offered as part of a promotional operation.

- Credit note

It is valid for one year from its issuance date.

Customer services and legal assurances

8-1 Commercial warranty

The Buyer enjoys free manufacturer’s guarantee for each product. Snowleader waives and declines any and all liability resulting from misuse and/or overuse of the articles by the Buyer. Please find here below the procedure to try and apply for a contractual guarantee request before our customer services:

1- We will ask you to send us a picture, even if the defect cannot be seen, along with a precise description of the issue, using the contact form. Please indicate your order number.

2- We will send you an email back with the return notice.

3- You will send us the actual product along with the return form and a copy of the purchase invoice. Return costs may be applied.

4- Upon receiving your parcel, we will send it back to the manufacturer.

5- The manufacturer will carefully examine the product to process whether its own customer services will take on the return. By doing so, it checks the defect does not result from abnormal use of the product.

6- Snowleader will notify you of the manufacturer’s decision. PLEASE do take note that, should a customer services accept your request, Snowleader applies but the manufacturer’s policy. If the manufacturer repairs or exchange the product, we will send it back to you, and if the manufacturer sends us a credit, we will make you a credit note, and not a reimbursement.

For informative purposes, processing of your request by customer services may take 4-8 weeks.SNOWLEADER’s customer services provide this service in order to help the Buyer by taking care of his/her claim on his/her behalf before SNOWLEADER’s manufacturers. Accordingly, please refer to the products’ manufacturer policy for the duration and the territorial scope of each manufacturer’s warranty.

8-2 Legal guarantees

All products offered to sale by Snowleader shall be of satisfactory quality and be fit for their usual purpose as required by consumer rights law. To benefit from one of these guarantees, the Buyer must contact Snowleader using the contact form, by phone at (+33) 820 420 374 (0,15€/min plus your telephone service provider’s fee for EU calls) or by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt to : 4 allée du Parmelan 74370 Epagny Metz-Tessy.

Please note that due to the legal guarantee of conformity, the consumer:  Enjoys a two-year time period from the product delivery to make its claim against the seller;  May choose between repair or replacement of the product, pending application of the cost conditions established by article L.211-9 of the French consumption code;  Does not bear the burden of proof of the conformity defect of the product during the first six months following the product delivery..

This time period is extended from 6 to 24 months from Mach 18, 2016, save for the second-hand products. The legal guarantee of conformity applies separately from the commercial warranty that might apply to your product. It is reminded that the consumer may make a claim based on the legal guarantee against the hidden defects of the sold product pursuant to article 1641 of the French civil code, and in that case, it may choose to rescind the sale or to obtain a discount on the sale’s price, pursuant to article 1644 of the French civil code, without prejudice of the other remedies provided by statutory obligations in British law.

8-3 Exceptions

Contractual warranties do not cover abnormal use or non-compliant use of the products. We invite you on that matter to read carefully the operating instructions provided with the products. They do not cover either the defects and consequences of defects due to use of the product which is not fit for its purpose, as well as defects and consequences of defect due to any external cause.

Transfer of ownership

Any order will remain Snowleader’s property until full and entire payment of the purchase by the Buyer. The risk of loss and damage passes to the Buyer as soon as the package is handed over to the Buyer or a third party designated by him/her.

Personal data

Personal data requested by Snowleader is necessary to process the Buyer’s order. According to the “Computer & Liberties” Act of January 6, 1978, the processing of these personal data has been declared to the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL) under no.1319671. The Buyer has at all times the right to access, change, correct and erase Snowleader’s data relating to him/her. He/she may use it by sending its request by email, through the contact form available on the Website.

Depending on the choices made by the Buyer during the creation and modifications of its account, he/she is likely to receive commercial information and prospects from Snowleader and other companies. The Buyer may at all times decide not to receive these commercial information and prospect from Snowleader, either by changing its mind on the Website in the “My Account” tab, or by a specific email request through the contact form available on the Website.

Personal data processing operated to carry on the processing of the purchase will lead us to transfer your data to third parties, to know more about this, please feel free to visit our webpage dedicated to cookies.

Intellectual Property

All text data, photos, comments, works, graphics and pictures reproduced on the Website belong to Snowleader. Therefore, it is expressly forbidden to reproduce, download, copy or use them, in whole or in part, for commercial purposes, worldwide, without Snowleader’s prior consent. All rights are reserved.


Snowleader declines and waives any and all liability should the Buyer provide Snowleader with inaccurate and/or incomplete information. The products offered on the Website comply with current French laws and regulations. Snowleader declines and waives all liabilities due to poor execution or material breach of the contract binding the parties in case of force majeure, of any occurrence of an event attributable to the Buyer, or in any event of foreseeable damage or harm inherent to the use of Internet. Snowleader declines and waives all liabilities for all indirect damages that may come from the use of the products. Photos, pictures and third-party descriptions along the products have no contractual value and shall not give rise to any liability of any kind for Snowleader. Please refer to the manufacturer’s product information, which is the only legally binding information for the purposes of the transaction. SNOWLEADER exercises all reasonable precautions and due diligence as to the accurate reproduction of the information provided by the manufacturers of the goods on its Website. The Website being hosted by a third-party service provider, Snowleader declines and waives all liabilities in case of any downtime, bugs, inaccuracies or omissions in the information available on the Website, or any damage or data alteration resulting from security breach by a third party. Snowleader will make its best reasonable efforts to provide you with access to the Website, browsing the Website, filling in forms, making an order, products delivery or any other service.

Applicable law and dispute resolution

These T&C are executed and interpreted pursuant to French laws and regulations. However, pursuant to article 6-2 of the EC Regulation no.593/2008 of June 17, 2008, these T&C may not prevent the execution of EU laws and regulations which are more favourable to the consumer and which cannot be derogated from by agreement by virtue of law, provided that the Buyer has its usual residence within the European Union. Prior to any dispute, the parties will search for an amicable solution rather than any kind of legal action. We kindly ask you to contact our customer services with the contact form or by phone at 00 44 3 3336 68 12 (local costs charges applied) plus your telephone service provider’s fee for EU calls). Our operators are available Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Paris time (GMT+1).

European Commission’s platform for alternative dispute resolution :

Our company has adopted the FEVAD’s professional code (Federation of e-commerce and distance selling) and its dispute resolution system. For more information, you may go to espaceconsommateurs/lesreclamationsetlesrecours Should it be impossible to reach an amicable solution, Snowleader and the Buyer are entitled to file any and all claims either before the French competent courts in the jurisdiction of Snowleader’s headquarters, or before the UK competent court in the jurisdiction where the Buyer is domiciled.


When placing your order, you give us your consent to send scoring reminders by Email. We will use your email address provided during the order to send you an evaluation reminder by email. The consent may be revoked at any time by sending a message to the contact option described below with effect for the future. In other cases, evaluation requests are sent in return for a free membership and therefore form an integral part of the membership contract. In these cases, the data processing is necessary for the execution of the contract and is therefore based on art. 6 al. 1 sentence 1 sentence 1 lit. b GDPR.

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Snowleader is listed by Google as one of its trusted stores. This label is limited to websites which provide its clients with premium service level (customer service quality, delivery time periods…). Google also undertakes to assist you on any issue relating to your order and warrants your purchase to a Google trusted store up to €1,000. For more information, please refer to Google’s dedicated webpage.

Loyalty program

Snowleader loyalty program are set up and managed by Snowleader SAS. These T&C set the rules to join our two loyalty programs (the first one on a free basis, the second one for a price) which reward you with loyalty points you can add up and with other advantages (for the paying program).

16-1 Membership application

Free program

The free loyalty program starts automatically from the first purchase on the Website. No subscription or personal data collection is required to join the program. Joining the free loyalty program is subject to accepting the program’s email notifications (point balance, point expiry date, promotional operations relating to loyalty points). Snowleader’s free loyalty program is unlimited in time. Each loyalty program is linked to a specific Buyer account. The points you collect are personal and cannot be sold or transferred to anyone, or used for purpose but for those established by the Snowleader company.

Paying program

Snowleader’s paying loyalty card is delivered to you upon purchase on the Website. This card can only be bought on the Website. It remains in force for one year from the date of its purchase. It cannot be exchanged nor reimbursed. Any member of the Snowleader staff may offer you to buy it, and any individual above legal age may buy it, save the members of staff. It shall not be offered by customer services and the Buyer has not right to claim it if he/she does not comply with membership conditions. Any purchase of a loyalty card will result in the creation of a loyalty member number starting with WEB and relating to the member’s Buyer number. The Buyer will receive the card later, by mail, with the cardholder’s name and Buyer number. This card is strictly for private individual use, unless you have subscribed to a family package, which provides you with a joint sport insurance for 3 to 9 persons, whether they are related or not. Other advantages liked to the paying card (such as discounts) will be limited to the cardholder’s name. The card cannot be sold, lent or transferred to anyone, nor can it be used to any purposes other than those intended by Snowleader. When you subscribe, you accept to receive the premium program emails (private sales, point sales, point expiry date, promotional operations relating to the program, etc…). You may at all times decide not to receive the premium program emails from Snowleader, either by changing your mind on the Website in the “My Account” tab, or by a specific email request through the contact form available on the Website.

16-2 Advantages of the loyalty program

Free program

The free program entitles you to collect loyalty points (see article 14-3 above).

Paying program

- The paying loyalty program entitles you to:

- Collect loyalty points (see article 14-3 above).

- Enjoy an immediate 10% discount on the Website, except during special sales

- Enjoy an immediate 5% discount on the Website during special sales

- Enjoy free delivery with Coliposte and 24H DHL delivery limited to €5

- Enjoy a return right extended to a 100-day time period

- Access the Premium customer service

- Become the beneficiary of a sport insurance and assistance in partnership with Allianz insuring company. For more information on the insurance terms and conditions, please consult the dedicated webpage:

Free Coliposte delivery and €5 TNT deliveries are limited to continental France. The 100-day time extension for free return only covers the following countries: France, Germany, Belgium, Finland, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Slovakia, and Slovenia. All UK residents bear the costs of returns according to article 7 here above.

Snowleader’s loyalty card costs €25 per year and per person, or €65 per year for the family package.

16-3 Collecting and using loyalty points

Collecting loyalty points

Snowleader’s free and paying loyalty programs allow you, with each purchase, to collect points you can trade for discounts on your next order on the Website.

1 loyalty point is worth 1 euro, and is credited on your next shop order. To collect a loyalty point, you must spend at least €25 (shipping costs excluded). Loyalty points can be collected after the order has been sent for delivery. The Buyer may collect loyalty points at any time, including during special sales.

Reimbursement of articles (even in gift coupons) will result in the deduction of the corresponding loyalty points from the loyalty account.

For any claim relating to the point balance, please contat ususing the contact form.

Using loyalty points

Loyalty points may be used at all times. You just need to check the “use my loyalty points” box when you get to choose the means of payment in the purchase cart. Points will be automatically deducted after you use them (order validation).

Loyalty points may not be exchanged, nor divided, and cannot be reimbursed in cash. Loyalty points expire one year after the date of the last purchase. After this date, the Buyer will not be able to use them anymore. He/she will however receive a notification of point expiry by email. The Buyer may access its point balance at any time on its “my account” session, in the “loyalty points” tab. In this tab, he/she can unsubscribe to the balance and point expiry notifications.

In order to use the loyalty points, the order balance must be at least of 1 euro. If the order amounts to less than the loyalty points, the amount corresponding to the remaining loyalty points is credited on the Buyer account. If the order amounts to less than one euro than the number of loyalty points, the extra cents will be deducted as an entire loyalty point. Example: I have 10 loyalty points. I made an order for €9.80, 10 loyalty points will be deducted from my account.

16-4 Removal from/changes of the program

In case of any violation of these T&C, any fraud or misuse of the program’s offers and advantages, any act detrimental to Snowleader’s best interests, any alteration of the data transferred by a Buyer or by a third party acting on behalf of a Buyer will automatically give rise to the removal of the Buyer from the program, the cancellation of his/her points and premium card, or of any advantages he may have obtained, without compensation nor prior notice.

If the program is being discontinued or in case of a change of card level, the Buyers will be notified by mail or email, and no Buyer can make any claim against the Snowleader company for any reasons whatsoever. No change or removal can give rise to any Buyer compensation of any kind. If the program is being discontinued, Snowleader reserves its right to erase all loyalty points and advantages without any Buyer compensation.

16-5 Liabilities

Snowleader declines and waives all liabilities for direct or indirect damage resulting from eventual errors or failures of the Snowleader loyalty programs, whatever reason may it be. However, Snowleader will try its best efforts to save each subscriber’s point balance in case of any issue. For any claims relating to the amount of points collected, the sole information of the Snowleader database will be deemed admissible evidence.

16-6 Applicable law

Parties agree and understand that the applicable law is the French law, within the same limits as indicated in article 13.

Allibert Clients

The Website’s discounts and the premium card’s discount may not be used at the same time as the Allibert promotional code.


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