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GORE-TEX® membrane is durably waterproof abd windproof, combined with optimised breathability. Enduring products that maximize protection and comfort for the wearer.
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Winter Boots

Snow boots. Everybody need at least one pair during wintertime. Fashionable and functional, you can wear snow boots anywhere: to warm up with a hot chocolate after your day of skiing, or while having fun in the snow, or just around town during winter. Snow boots are a very popular choice of footwear - this is apparent in ski resorts and alpine towns, where most people choose snow boots as...



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their apres-ski footwear.

But snow boots are not just for a fashion statement - they were originally for people who have to work and walk in snow all day. For those who want a practical snow boot, hiking brands such as Lowa, Salomon and Meindl still make very functional, sturdy snow boots which share a lot of characteristics with walking boots but are equipped with more insulation.

Cool snow boots for your next winter sports holiday

Check out our collection of snow boots and make your choice among the variety of designs we offer: get your hands on high-quality winter boots meant for professionals, and enjoy the sensational colours and finishes of our boots! Whatever your experience and level of skiing, you'll have no problem finding the right boot for your outings on the resorts and snowy trails. Our snow footwear offer all the advantages you are entitled to expect from snow boots: comfort, breathability, waterproofness, durability and safety.

Buy your snow boots online at Snowleader UK and make a real bargain!

Our snow boots are 100% reliable and come at reasonable prices: let yourself be tempted by our wide range of winter boots from the best snow boots manufacturers on the market. Whether you' re looking for men, women, unisex or kids' boots, you will find the perfect style and size for you. Pick a colour that will assert your personality: plain, two-tone or patterned, your awesome winter boots will make you stand out on the slopes!

Carefully select your winter boots from your favourite brand

As much as choosing winter boots depending on their features and the job they're up to, it's important not to choose just any brand of snow boots when you' re staying at a reputable ski resort. You are bound to have a liking for a particular brand, and we are perfectly aware of that. This is why we offer you a wide range of snow boots from a variety of brands, to make sure you find exactly what you're looking for!

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