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Women's Base Layers
Women's Base Layers

Women's Base Layers

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You may not be aware that what you choose in the way of underwear is of the utmost importance when skiing, snowboarding or doing any other activity in the high mountains. Why? Quite simply, because they act as base layers and so ensure full thermal protection. You ought to pick them carefully when shopping your next skiing or snowboarding outfit online. Check out Snowleader’s advice so that you can choose the right underwear and ski thermals.

Ski thermal underwear: merino wool or man-made fabric?

Having trouble choosing the right item for you ? Thermal underwear is comprised of two major families: merino wool and man-made fabric. Merino has the advantage of adapting to all temperatures, whether it’s very cold or rather balmy. However, technical underwear in merino wool is relatively expensive and will wear out faster than other materials. You may have to buy new ones every season if you are out in the mountains the whole winter. With man-made base layers, you won’t have these problems. However, this material is only suitable in extreme cold. If the weather is getting warmer, you’ll tend to sweat profusely, and get uncomfortable at some point. So, to make the right choice, you should take weather conditions into consideration before you head out in the mountains. Luckly Snowleader has a great selection from leading brands like - X-BionicCraftPicture Organic ClothingIcebreaker, Norrona and many more!

Base layers: advantages for skiing

T-shirts, bras, knickers, leggings... all these items of clothing can be used as base layers. You’ll enjoy several benefits if you opt for so-called “technical” designs. Better wicking away of perspiration, less heat loss, increased protection from cold, greater freedom of movement, strength... all these are reasons why you should go for thermal underwear if you’re skiing or snowboarding.

Women's Termal Underwear 

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