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Ski poles play an important role in skiing helping you keep your balance and start your turns. However, be careful to pick a ski pole design which fits your requirements and body type. Here are some tips on sectioning the right ski pole for you. Remember at Snowleader we have a huge selection of ski pols from leading brands like Leki, Black CrowsMovement, FatCan and many more, so we know you...


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Ski poles: finding the right size and grip

The most important thing is for your ski poles to be right for your height. Turn your pole upside down, hold it just underneath the basket (the small disk near the bottom of the ski pole) and slightly bend your knees. In this position, your forearm should be parallel to the floor, forming a right-angle with your upper arm. If that’s not the case, it means the ski pole is not right for your height: you will need to try another one. As for the grip, it’s down to whatever you like. For greater weather resistance, go for a grip made out of a single type of material. For added comfort, choose a grip in foam. And, for a better hold, bi-material grips are the most effective.

Ski poles: a basket for each skiing style

Your ski poles must also be selected according to what your skiing style is. If your focus is on speed and you love downhill runs, a ski pole with a small basket is recommended. Medium-size baskets are versatile and therefore suitable for many styles of skiing. Lastly, poles with a large basket will prevent you from plunging too deep into the powder snow when you pole plant. That’s the type to go for if the snow is still fresh. Pick the best one to meet your taste!

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