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Ski boots are an indispensable skiing accessory and their importance should not be overlooked. It is the direct intermediary between the skier and his/her skis: the ski boot is the essential item that is both in charge of the transfer of energy from the skier to the ski, but it is also what you have to rely on to convey all the sensations that skiing can provide you. With such a crucial role, one quickly understands that choosing the right ski boot requires even more care and attention than when choosing the perfect skis: it's the recipe for a successful ski season. In order to select the ideal ski boot, it is therefore necessary to be able to choose from a wide range of products with various properties and different profiles, and this is something we have fully understood. The mountain equipment specialist, Snowleader, provides you with a wide selection of men's ski bootswomen's ski boots as well as children's ski boots for sale. Find the boot that suits your feet among a wide choice of ski boots for all levels, ranging from beginner to intermediate and expert.

A wide variety of men's ski boots and women's ski boots

Many types of ski boots are available at Snowleader: select the ski boot of your dreams from a wide range of skiing footwear with unique properties. A plethora of ski boots in all sizes at an unbeatable price awaits you!

Looking for sporty and modern all-mountain ski boots that requires a lot of commitment and experience? Then the Speedmachine from Nordica might be just what you need! This high-end ski boot, similar to the Alltrack Pro from Rossignol, has many improvements that make it a very safe and high-performance model.

Looking for a ski boot designed for beginners? You will love the X-Access range from Salomon. Comfortable, controllable and safe, these ski boots will allow you to enjoy your ride with complete confidence.

Experienced skiers will also find their happiness among our large collection, with products like Salomon's QST PRO, a ski boot collection that has become a true reference in the world of freeride skiing. Alternatively, you can also turn to the Cochise ski boots from Tecnica: these powerful ski boots offer exceptional fit and comfort. You' ll be delighted by their unique fit, which accommodates any shape of foot.

Choosing your ski boots

Buying ski boots can be a tricky affair - it's difficult to strike the right balance of features for your skill level and ski preferences, but Snowleader is here to help and with our large selection of brands - AtomicRossignolK2SalomonDalbello and more.

Selecting your type of ski boots

The type of ski boots you will choose depends very much on the use you are about to make of them. In order to make the right choice, ask yourself the right questions first: what kind of activity will I undertake on the mountain once I've put on my ski boot? Depending on the answer, you can go for three different types of skiing boots. There are the ones that are dedicated to alpine skiing, those that are more suitable for ski touring, and others that are more suitable for freestyle skiing. As you can imagine, each of these disciplines has its own requirements, and will stress the foot in a different way during the descents.

Similarly, depending on whether you are a man or a woman, it is important to choose boots adapted to your gender, as the anatomy of men and women are different. Of course, there are ski boots that are more suited to the needs of women, and others that will be more beneficial to men, and it's not just a question of looks, of course.

However, the aesthetic dimension of a ski boot is not negligible. To be comfortable in your ski outfit, it is important to choose accessories with colours that that match. So do not hesitate to consider this visual criterion when choosing your ski boots - you could choose a vibrant red or green boot, or opt for a more understanted black or white colour. This will allow you to ski with a little more pleasure each time. 

Choosing the right size ski boots

Once you've decided which type of ski boot to go for, you still need to determine the best size for your foot, for optimum comfort. Generally speaking, there are two criteria to take into consideration when it comes to picking your ski boot size: its length (Mondopoint size) and its width (its last). You will have quickly understood by looking at our ski boots descriptions that skiing boot manufacturers use a different standard from city shoes as far as sizes are concerned: Mondopoint. To find the perfect ski boots, we advise you to take a look at our ski boot size chart and guide to learn how to measure your foot and know your exact Mondopoint size! As for the last (width of the boot), we recommend you download the foot sizer present on our guide. As a general rule of thumb, people with narrow feet will go for a last of 100mm, those with medium feet will go for a last of 102mm, and people with wide feet will be more comfortable in ski boots with a last of 104mm.

Taking into account your skill level

After narrowing down your search with your gender, shoe size and foot width, next think about your level of experience. Beginners will require softer ski boots for starting out while experienced skiers usually demand a stiffer, more aggressive ski boot for making fast, precise manoeuvres. While beginners' ski boots are safe and forgiving, experts' ski boots are technical and respond to the slightest movement. In between, Snowleader offers a broad range of suitable products from the best ski boots brands.

The ski boot's 'flex' means how much pressure is needed to bend the ski boot and therefore how much force is needed to turn the skis. A professional would lack control in soft ski boots at high speeds. Likewise, a beginner in a very stiff boot would first and foremost be rather uncomfortable - as well as not having the skill to control such a precise ski boot properly.

If you need more information or advice on buying your perfect pair of ski boots, please contact our customer service, who will be happy to answer any question you may have, be that about the price, sizes, fit or comfort of the boot.

Buy the ski boots of your dreams from the best brands in the market

Snowleader invites you to buy ski boots from some of the most performing brands on the market - Salomon, Rossignol, Nordica, Tecnica, Head, Atomic, Dalbello, K2, Lange or Full Tilt. With such a large range of ski boots that your choice will be virtually limitless! When it comes to ski boots, Snowleader has no lack of choice, which will allow all generations of skiers and all profiles to find their happiness. Make your choice from dozens of models and brands among the best on the market, and find the ski footwear best suited to your needs with ease!

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