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Kids' Ski/Snowboard Gloves
Kids' Ski/Snowboard Gloves

Kids' Ski/Snowboard Gloves

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Mittens, leather gloves, fingerless gloves, three-finger gloves… Snowleader has selected all these types of children’s ski gloves for you. But which sort should you choose? Your equipment supplier will help you find ski and snowboard gloves suitable for kids, from toddlers to teenagers.

Warmth, waterproofing and ventilation: the criteria for choosing children’s ski and snowboard gloves

Children tend to be more sensitive to the cold than adults. That’s why you shouldn’t hesitate to choose thick, very warm types, such as mittens. Your kiddies will be even better protected with a fleece lining. You can also choose a thinner type to wear in combination with under gloves or fingerless ski gloves. Then, your children will be able to take off their gloves and start a snowball fight without being directly exposed to the cold. Also, make sure that the particular type of snowboard or ski gloves you choose is waterproof. In addition, they should be breathable to wick away perspiration more effectively. Nowadays, gloves in Gore-Tex are the best there are at combining these two features.

Ski gloves and fingerless gloves: those little details which make the difference

When it comes to ski gloves and fingerless gloves, it’s usually the little details which make the difference. This is something which brands such as Reusch, Racer and DaKine have well understood. As such, give preference to designs with long cuffs and Velcro wrist straps: they will stay in place longer and keep the snow out. You should also go right ahead and buy ski gloves with leather reinforcement. This provides greater durability and allows your children to have a better grip of their ski poles.

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