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Untracked Jkt M Roasted Cashew/Ponderosa
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Untracked Jkt M Roasted Cashew/Ponderosa

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Lofoten Gore-Tex Insulated Jacket M's Olive Night
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Lofoten Gore-Tex Insulated Jacket M's Olive Night

Gore-tex and Primaloft ski jacket - Men - Lofoten - Norrona - Autumn-Winter 2022/2023

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Men's ski jackets and snow fleeces: the greatest ski clothing available on the Snowleader website

Snowleader will help you save time when choosing the most appropriate ski jacket for your winter activities. Choosing the perfect ski jacket is a determining factor for a successful ski season. Snowstorms, polar cold, icy winds or bright sunshine: you never know what to expect from the weather when leaving in the morning! That's why it's so important to wear a snow jacket or ski coat that is both durable and comfortable to wear for the whole season. Snowleader does not skimp on choice and quality, with its large clothing selection that features a hundred or so men's ski and snowboard jackets. So no matter the price, colour or size you may wish for, we have the perfect jacket for sale!

Choose a men's ski jacket that is both comfortable and stylish

To make sure you can ride or ski in all weathers, our selection of men's ski jackets meets the highest quality standards, with the best price value. Waterproof, breathable, user-friendly, functional, lined, insulated: all technical details are provided on every products by our team of specialists. A ski coat is more than just a highly technical garment: its cut, style, colours and sustainable factor have to be taken into consideration, whether you wish for a trendy look or a discreet ski outfit. Browse through our large selection and adopt your own style on the slopes or in the powder! 

How do I choose the right ski jacket?

good ski jacket is often the combination of at least two elements: technicality and comfort. It must therefore offer optimal protection from bad weather and possibly extreme conditions in order to keep you dry and warm. But you must also feel comfortable in your ski jacket, with a wide range of movements and a real sensation of weightlessness. 

Do you need your ski jacket to have thermal insulation?

If you practice recreational skiing with little movement and if your skiing is not very aggressive, then thermal insulation is essential. It can also be a major asset if you are particularly vulnerable to cold or if you ski at times of the year when the weather gets extremely cold, such as in January or in certain parts of the world. On the other hand, if you are a fan of spring skiing, a ski jacket that has thermal insulation may make very well make you overheat as soon as the beginning of the afternoon hits. It can sometimes be useful to bring a second jacket without thermal insulation and adjust your thermal comfort with a mid layer (just like a down jacket), that is more or less warm depending on the season. Primaloft is the main type of thermal insulation for a ski jacket, a warm lining between your ski jacket and mid layer.

Choosing the perfect ski jacket according to your practice

There are 4 types of practice: skiing, snowboarding, mountaineering and ski touring. Different practices with entirely different needs. A ski touring jacket, for instance, will never be lined, because you need an extremely breathable jacket on the way up. A mountaineering jacket, on the other hand, should be very resistant to abrasion, while a jacket intended for downhill skiing would not.

Another consideration is the waterproof index of your ski jacket

Impermeability is the capacity of a fabric to prevent water penetration. It is measured in Schmerber (pressure exerted by a water column). A garment that has a value of 10 000 mm, can withstand 10m of water. The larger the number, the more waterproof the fabric.

Similarly, when it comes to selecting your ski jacket, you should consider how much breathability you need. It is the ability of a fabric to evacuate water vapour:

    30,000 = extremely breathable clothing
    20,000 = garment with very good breathability
    10,000 = breathable clothing
    5,000 = low breathability garment

It should be noted that the more effort — and therefore sweat — you put into your skiing practice, the higher this number will have to be. For example, when cross-country skiing, one should only look at ski jackets with a breathability rating above 30,000.

Here are some additional tips to help you choose the perfect ski jacket

To further help you with deciding on which ski jacket to buy, here are a few additional criteria, such as:

    Is the snow skirt of the ski jacket removable? --> This allows you to wear your ski jacket off your favourite ski slopes. The skirt is mounted on a zip, allowing you to remove it from the jacket when going for a city stroll.
    Is the ski jacket going to be stretchy? --> The elasticity of the fabric allows the jacket to be more comfortable to wear because of its stretch properties, giving you more freedom of movement.

Some of the best ski jacket brands are Picture Organic ClothingThe North FaceMilletVolcomNorrona, Salomon and the list goes on. There are also many brands offering products with unique features such as ski jackets with gore tex membranes. Gore tex is a protective membrane that ensures your ski jacket will be be waterproof. Many brands specialised in ski jackets work with Gore Tex, such as Arcteryx, Spyder and Black Crows.

Gore Tex, for an ultra-comfortable ski jacket

Until a few years ago, technical fabrics were relatively rare on the market. Nevertheless, Gore Tex has achieved a great performance: the introduction of ski jackets on the market that allow you to stay dry and protected from the snow, without keeping moisture within the jacket, for complete comfort no matter the season. This type of ski jacket, at the time revolutionary, had a unique characteristic. The fabric is micro-perforated, and it is capable of letting water molecules pass through when they are in their condensed state. This results in the ability to let perspiration escape from the jacket. However, these perforations are too small for the water molecules in their liquid state to pass through. The main advantage is that the ski jacket is completely waterproof, but not suffocating, so you stay warm and dry. You can ski for many hours, without experiencing the slightest dampness inside your ski jacket, a luxury that is not to be overlooked. In recent years, competitors have imitated Gore Tex and have also released their own membrane, such as Polartec or FutureLight: perfect for ski sessions, allowing you to be dry, both inside and outside the jacket, for an extremely comfortable ski jacket. In addition, the fabric is light and comfortable, you can't get tired of wearing it. This type of technical ski clothing must still be machine washed from time to time, to prevent micro-perforations from being clogged, since that is what allows the fabric to remain dry even during intense efforts.

Snowleader will help you find the perfect ski coat

You will be able to purchase a ski jacket that meets your requirements through our online store. The needs are heavily dependent on our type of practice, and you can find a ski jacket that is suitable for each of these activities. Remember to browse through our different categories to find the most suitable ski clothing to meet your needs. For warmth, designers have also found new methods, in particular through different thermal insulation techniques, lined with either down or featuring a membrane, depending on the designs. As for Primaloft technology, it is a serious alternative to natural down, offering a synthetic material with very similar technical properties. This is the guarantee of being comfortable in your ski jacket, while avoiding the use of natural down, which can sometimes be harmful to the animals concerned. In any case, choose your ski jacket taking into account all these criteria to find complete satisfaction.

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