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Icebreaker: thermal underwear, base layers, 100 % merino wool

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Discover Icebreaker's incomparable range of merino wool clothing. Thermo-regulation, freedom of movement and comfort are the dominating features of the the products which make up the famous brand's range of underwear and outdoor clothing.


The New Zealand concept

Icebreaker is based in Wellington, New Zealand. This vast mountainous country with its wild natural spaces attracts hikers and skiers from all over the world. It is also the land of sheep, so merino wool is a natural part of thermal clothing. This is true of these beautifully cut Oasis T-shirts, short or long sleeve for men and women. 100% merino. They are designed for outdoor use, hence the special attention given to flat, non-intrusive seams when wearing a backpack. The brand's designers are all involved in outdoor activities, so their motivation is genuine.

Essential accessories for cold weather

All clothing and accessories for cold weather are available at Icebreaker. Women's leggings or men's tights are made entirely of merino, a natural material that keeps warm but prevents sweat. There are also many different models of socks for skiing and hiking, with antifriction finishes and reinforcements at sensitive points on the foot and ankle. Merino wool gloves and glove liners provide effective protection from the cold by leaving the fingers able to move. The merino wool neckwarmers and beanies are perfect for completing ski outfits and for keeping you warm throughout your days on the slopes. The balaclava from the Oasis range fully protects from the cold by wrapping around the entire head and neck. It can be worn under a helmet because although very warm, it is thin and light. The same care in manufacturing and design is taken with all items designed by this major outdoor brand.


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