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Kids' Ski/Snowboard Jackets
Kids' Ski/Snowboard Jackets

Kids' Ski/Snowboard Jackets

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Choosing a ski jacket for your child is never easy. To make the process more hassle-free, your online shop invites you to check out the best brands of children’s snow jackets: Picture, Volcom, Ripcurl and Eider. Also, have a look at our tips so that you pick the right ski jacket for your toddlers and have fun with them in the snow.

How to choose your children’s ski jackets

Above all else, your kids’ ski jackets need to be warm. So, it’s best to go for types made from down (down jackets) or ones which are quilted. You should, however, check that the snow jacket is breathable too because otherwise perspiration tends to get trapped and your child will be ill at ease. Finally, make sure the jacket you choose is completely waterproof. For example, you can pick a ski jacket with a protective membrane. Your child will then get the chance to play around in the snow, build a snowman or ski without getting cold or wet.

Snow jackets: those little details which make the difference

The vast majority of snow jackets all have the same characteristics. So, generally, the difference is in the small details. It’s best to give top preference to designs with a hood. This will mean your son or daughter won’t have to put on a hat which he or she might lose at some point. Also, go for a ski or snowboard jacket with pockets with fastenings, so he or she won’t lose the snack you carefully prepared for him/her! Last but not least, is style. For your child to be keen on wearing their snow jacket, they must like it! That’s why you need to pick the design and colour with him or her. Brands selected by Snowleader, such as Volcom, Ripcurl and DC Shoes, are very likely to appeal to them.

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