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Kids' ski boots

Snowleader has your kids covered for ski boots too. With brands like Salomon, Elan, Nordica, Rossignolmaking children’s ski boots that are specially designed for you kids feet. Keeping in mind the volume, size and flex of the boot for the next generation of skiers. 

Children’s ski boots for each age group

Children can start learning to ski from the age of three, and we have some fantastic ...

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skis and ski and binding packages to help get them started. For that reason, manufacturers generally offer three sizes of ski boots which are suitable for each age group. Despite this, it’s hard to make sure that the boot size is truly right for your child. Because the shell is stiff, you’ll find it impossible to check yourself. That’s why comfort and safety come ahead of everything else. Make sure that the upper part of the boot is slightly tilted forwards so that your boy or girl is not unbalanced on the slopes. It’s also preferable to opt for a simple design with an easy-to-use clamping system. This applies all the more if your child has to take off his boots him or herself.

Ski boots: neither too stiff nor too soft

By and large, fitting is an essential step to ensure your child’s ski boots won’t cause any discomfort. You need to find the ideal compromise between a soft and a stiff boot. Too much flexibility will adversely affect stability and excessive stiffness will restrict freedom of movement. Finally, think about the tread of the sole when you choose your kids’ ski boots. To avoid any skids or falls when accessing the slopes, go for designs with deep tread.

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