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Snowboard bindings
Snowboard bindings

Snowboard bindings

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Unlike ski bindings, which should release in the case of a fall, snowboard bindings are designed to keep you and your snowboard boots attached to your board, even if you crash! But that doesn’t mean “one size fits all” – far from it, it’s still essential to choose snowboard bindings that suit you and your style of boarding. So here at Snowleader UK we have a great selection of the best snowboard bindings in the industy, from brands like -  Burton, Nitro, Flow along with others. 

Different styles of snowboard bindings

Bindings come in two main types: strap-in bindings and rear-entry (speed-entry) bindings. Strap-in bindings offer support, cushioning and custom fitting, but take a few moments to get into, as you need to adjust the buckles on the straps.  In contrast, rear-entry bindings feature a hinged back that means you can quickly and easily step into them.They provide a quick and comfortable option, but may be less suited to boarders who demand control and performance from their bindings. Bindings also offer different degrees of flex: advanced boarders, freeriders and racers will probably prefer a stiffer flex, while softer bindings are generally preferred by beginners and freestylers.

Our boardshop is at your service

Our snowboard Shop is staffed by experienced snowboarders, who’ll be happy to offer advice or assistance with any other aspect of choosing and using your bindings. For example, most boarders are happy to mount bindings on their board themselves, and also to adjust, reposition or remove bindings when necessary. But should you need any help, simply contact our boardshop.

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