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Ski goggles
Ski goggles

Ski goggles

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Ski goggles on Snowleader

It is crucial to protect your eyes while skiing. The snow, the altitude make the UV very dangerous for our sensitive eyes. That's why it is highly recommended to wear a ski goggle. Here at Snowleader we have a great selection of ski goggles to suit every budget and face. From all the leading brands, like - OakleySmith, SalomonCebe and more! Find the perfect ski goggles that will delight you and make sure your skiing and snowboarding sessions go smoothly.


Choose the right ski goggles

There are different kind of ski goggles. Some are made for good/sunny weather and others for bad/fog weather. You can also choose to buy two screens and change it depending of the weather. It can be made easily thanks to specific systems like Quick Release from Smith (I/XO range).

Looking for cheap ski goggles that still offer excellent performance with great durability? Then look no further! There's always discounts and promotions going on on our website, and the specific product you're looking for might just come at a reduced price from time to time! Enjoy great prices on top-notch quality ski goggles fitted with the latest technologies, that'll turn your skiing or snowboarding sessions into a blast.


Buy ski goggles with unmatched technical performance at Snowleader UK

Women's, kids' and men's skiing goggles alike must be able to filter 100% of the UV rays your eyes are exposed to (as they're extremely harmful to the eyes), and they must also be impact-resistant.

Whether you're buying snowboard goggles or ski goggles, fogging is always an issue you should take into consideration, and some ski goggles are fitted with a new coating specially designed to avoid this problem, for everyone's safety.

Some skiing goggles are even conceived to let you switch between different lenses, to adjust the performance of the goggles on the go, according to the luminosity, circumstances and skiing discipline.


Women's ski goggles and men's ski goggles: what are the differences?

The design of course! Women's ski goggles benefit from the same technicality and innovations found in men's ski goggles, and even kids' ski goggles. Naturally, it is the design, shapes and colour combinations that make the difference, to the delight of ski enthusiasts: after all, skiing goggles definitely add to your style on the slopes!

Browse through our men's, women's and kids' ski goggles for sale and find the ski goggles that meet your needs while offering you a high level of performance and safety.


Ski goggles for women

Women need specific goggles fit as they have smaller face than men. You will find on snowleader stylish women's ski goggles in different colours. You sould be also happy with the Oakley ski goggles pro models, such as the O Frame 2.0 PRO or Canopy Prizm.


Important features you should look for in your skiing goggles

Whether you are looking for ski goggles or snowboard goggles, you will need to watch out for several criteria when it comes to choosing the best ski goggles for you.

If you wear spectacles on a daily basis, it will be essential to choose a model that is compatible with glasses. Not everyone can wear contact lenses, so it should be your priority to pick skiing goggles that can be worn over a pair of glasses, and that are truly compatible with this option. This allows you to be both comfortable and safe throughout your whole ski session.

The lens type the goggles are fitted with should also be factored in, so you should absolutely take your time and compare the different designs of ski goggles we offer, in order to find the model that best suits your habits, and that protects you properly. Among the possibilities available to you, you can find iridium, photochromic, mirror and polarized lenses. It is important to know that each one will perform differently, and that, depending on the type of glass, you will not have the same perception of your environment. To ensure that your experience on the slopes is truly optimal, remember to look at each of these lenses and their different properties. Your comfort and pleasure highly depend on it, as well as your safety of course.

Finally, depending on the weather, you will be required to wear different types of ski goggle. The anti-fog treatment of your lenses may also vary depending on the product: this criterion should also attract your attention, so that your vision doesn't get affected when going downhill.


Kids' ski goggles and junior snowboard goggles: a well-equipped future generation

For your kids too, ski goggles (or snowboard goggles if your little one is already an avid snowboarder) are an indispensable part of their winter sports outfit. They too have the right to the best in terms of technology, to practice as well equipped as possible and make their experience as safe as possible. As children are often hotheads and feel capable of doing just about anything imaginable, it is even more crucial their ski goggles give them a wide field of vision, allowing them to spot all the dangers on the piste (even more so when going off the slopes or when going through a forest). Snowleader has perfectly grasped that fact, and offers a wide choice of kids' ski goggles, with sizes suited to their thinner and narrower faces, and foams designed to ensure that the ski goggles adheres as well as possible to their morphology. Buying your kids a pair of ski goggles means making sure your offspring have a pleasant skiing season, for more enjoyable skiing / snowboarding sessions and less risk of falling due to their ski goggles! Give your child the skiing or snowboarding goggles they deserve from a wide assortment of brands!

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