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Ski goggles
Ski goggles

Ski goggles

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Ski goggles - an accessory that needs to be chosen with care

Falling snow or strong light on the ski slopes can make it difficult to ski, and the sun's reflection on the snow can also damage the eyes. That's why ski goggles are essential to keep your vision intact and to ensure that you can safely ski downhill, freestyle or freeride!

Choosing high performance ski goggles

Ski goggles are both protective and aesthetic, which is why it is difficult to choose from the many models of ski goggles available on Snowleader. To find affordable ski goggles, there are often special offers on the website which allows you to get high quality equipment at very interesting prices. New technologies are used to create ski goggles that are adapted to the face of each user and their level of skiing. Today's ski goggles are designed to perfectly complement your ski helmet for added protection and comfort. Some ski helmets even come with their own integrated ski googles: the famous Driver CA Black from Salomon, for example, is a high-performance helmet with an integrated visor to limit air intake even more and keep your head warm (it is also compatible with goggles)!

Men's and women's ski googles: what differences are there?

The design of course! Women's ski goggles benefit from the same technical features and innovations as men's and even children's ski goggles. The design, shape and colour make the difference: ski goggles are an essential part of a skier's equipment... Men's ski goggles have a more masculine design... Whatever your needs, you will find the ski goggles that will suit you and offer you a high level of performance and safety on this page.

Women's, men's or children's ski goggles with unmatched technical performance

Women's, children's or men's ski goggles must be able to filter out 100% of UV rays, which are the most dangerous for eyesight, and they must also be impact-resistant. Whether you're wearing snowboard or ski goggles, fogging is a real problem that can be avoided with a new coating for more safety. Some models are designed to allow the lens to be changed to suit the light conditions, the circumstances and the type of skiing.

Children's ski goggles and snowboard goggles: a well equipped future generation

Ski goggles (or snowboard goggles if your child is already a snowboarder) are also a must-have. They too should have the latest technology, so that they can be safe for your child. Children often feel capable of doing just about everything imaginable, so it is even more important that their ski goggles offer a wide field of vision, allowing them to see all the dangers on the piste (or off-piste, or in the middle of a forest trail). Snowleader understands this well and offers a wide range of ski goggles for children with sizes adapted to their thinner and narrower faces, as well as foams designed to ensure that the ski goggle fits your child's morphology as well as possible. By purchasing your children's ski goggles, you make sure that they have a great time skiing and snowboarding, and that the risk of them getting hurt is reduced! Offer your child the ski or snowboard goggles of their dreams from a wide selection of brands: dragon, poc, julbo, cairn, and many other brands are available!

Some features you should consider when choosing ski goggles

Whether you are looking for ski or snowboard goggles, you need to be aware of certain key features. If you wear glasses on a daily basis, it is essential to choose a model that is compatible with them. Not everyone is able to wear contact lenses, so it is important to choose men's or women's ski goggles that can be worn over a pair of glasses, and that are truly compatible with them. This allows you to be comfortable and safe during your rides on the slopes. Choosing the type of lens is also important, and you should take the time to consider this in order to find the model that suits your habits and protects you properly. The possibilities include iridium, photochromic (with which most Salomon ski goggles are equipped), mirror and polarised lenses. It is important to remember that each lens will have a different performance, category and VLT, and depending on the type of lens, you will not have the same view of your environment. In order to have a truly enjoyable experience on the slopes, you should consider each of these lenses and their different features. Your comfort and safety depend on it. Also, depending on the weather, you may have to wear different types of goggles. The anti-fog treatment of your lenses may also vary depending on the model: this feature should also draw your attention, to make sure that your vision is not impaired during your descents. You should be able to find a model that suits you with brands such as Julbo, Oakley, Cébé, Smith or Cairn.

How to choose ski goggles?

Besides the different features discussed above, it is important that you feel comfortable in your ski goggles. When you have two densities of foam and an extra textile between the two layers, you are more likely to feel comfortable in your goggles. It's up to you to try different goggles, and choose ones that fit you. If you don't, you won't be able to fit your men's or women's ski goggles properly. You won't feel comfortable and you'll be bothered by unwanted fogging. Last but not least, you should consider the type of lens. Depending on the protection index (category 1 to 3) and the VLT of your goggle's lens, it can be used optimally in certain weather conditions. In general, we recommend that you either have two different goggles: one for sunny days and one for cloudy days. Some ski goggles come with two interchangeable lenses, which are easy to change, so you don't have to take two different goggles! You are now ready to find the perfect model!

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