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Trekking Accessories
Trekking Accessories

Trekking Accessories

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Little accessories which make all the difference

When trekking, it is often small things which spoil your fun. From a tent or a mattress with a hole in it, to cuts and scrapes on your knees or night falling faster than expected, the daily routine is a little more complicated when you are out in the wilderness. Snowleader has thought of all the little setbacks which can occur in the great outdoors and has got you covered with a wide range of camping accessories.

Choose from different types of lights and lanterns, survival and first aid kits, and adhesives and repair tape.

Essential trekking accessories  

Don't forget the small trekking accessories which don't take up much space and which you won't be able to do without! A few creature comforts will help you start the next day feeling refreshed. For maximum comfort, discover the ultra-lightweight and hard-wearing hammocks from Ticket To The Moon.

Other small accessories can prove very useful during your trip, such as a solar battery charger or a simple clothesline!


It's time to prepare your packing list for your next trekking adventure!

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